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Swap Weapon Ninja Platformer for "LudumDare 32 Team - An Unconventional Weapon"



Z or Space ---- Jump

X or Shift ------ Shoot

Arrows To Move

R to reset the room

ESC to restart the game


A speedrun of the game ---> YouTube


  • Added a "reset room" button in case you get inside a wall due to the known bug.
  • Added alternative controls to avoid problems with special keyboards.
  • Change on the tutorial screen to display the new information.
  • Change the Main Screen art to match the new tutorial screen.
  • Fixed some exits letting you go to the other room without actually passing thru the door.
  • Fixed the spikes not matching the collider box.

*Known bug.

There is an issue in how the room is being called to the play area that may cause you to miss match colliders and get inside the walls. Press R to restart room if that happens.

Come by LudumDare ------> Link

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